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Public Speak Training

Two Day Public Speak Business Training

How you interact and communicate with others affects your business, wealth, prosperity, happiness, love-life and health.

Your presenter Sylvia Marina is passionate about the art of communication and how it impacts on winning business, keeping business and building great relationships.

Tips from Sylvia

The story you tell yourself is what determines your success in life
Listen to yourself – a story can always be changed
Believing in yourself, is a better indicator to success than any other skill
In every aspect of your career, businesses or personal life communication is key

In our two day program you will learn -

techniques to handle situations with ease
how to engage an audience
reduce anxiety
overcome fear

prepare a presentation
deliver a presentation
become an engaging, influential communicator

Our training prepares you for -  

business management
deliver a business presentation, speak at a conference

social occasions
give a speech at a family event, wedding, birthday, funeral
better relationships

capture the audience attention
inspire desire, motivate for positive change and lift their spirits



What our public speaking graduates say:

This ‘on-your-feet’ two day training leaves you empowered about the possible future and the things you can do to improve the quality of your presentation and the impact you will have on all future audiences and relationships.

You will

get your key message across
▪ power phrases that get people listening
learn how to grab the attention of your audience and keep it
deliver your message with authenticity
eliminate what’s holding you back
handle anxiety
broadcast your brilliance

This training includes a video of you giving a prepared presentation before a live audience.

The greatest skill you can ever develop in your life is the ability to communicate confidently from your heart. This is where your journey as an Influential Heart Leader begins. 

Your personal and confidential video is a powerful training tool to becoming a leader of leaders.

What our public speaking graduates say: 
Amongst the attendee's August 2017
Graeme Young, Business Coach & Businessman, Sylvia is a very passionate teacher - great content and practice skills.
Everyone should do this.
Rocky Amatulli, I wasn't sure why or if I needed to attend but felt it would benefit my business and personal life.
I am extremely happy to have attended and participated. Practical, easy to learn skills and self awareness for speaking in public.
Sylvia is very engaging, never a dull moment.
Lynette Trumper, Sylvia allowed us to feel safe when we were out of our comfort zone. 
A most enjoyable two days. Very well structured whilst allowing for individual differences.
Cushla Lovejoy, A very good experience. I gained more confidence. In the course I experienced kindness, supported,
useable information, a good experience.


Recent months Sylvia is an experienced Public Speaker.
She has presented seminars and keynote speaker at conferences in
Australia, Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, UK., USA.
to book a two day Public Speak group training e-mail

Whether you are speaking one-to-one, a small group or large audiences, the speaking profession is extremely rewarding – over the past thirty years Sylvia has taught thousands of people to become their best.

As your leader Sylvia shares skills, tips and secrets that you can never learn from reading a book.
A leader
touches hearts
develops the best in people
makes a difference 
A leader develops meaningful relationships.
Imagines being invited time and time again to address audiences, renew business contracts and further your business and career. People who are approachable, who intelligently develop and express clear and simple communication skills are preferred choices when it comes to long term relationships.

The ability to get on stage allows you to get your message out to many more people.
It allows you to touch a roomful of strangers and more importantly, move them to follow the cause close to your heart. It allows you to build your customer base, multiply your sales and it brings you heaps of confidence!

▪  speech and presentation development
▪  protocols, when, where and why
▪  give your important presentation the attention it deserves and achieve the results you desire

Quality! Respected speakers don’t saturate their listeners with information. Remember, it’s not so important how much information you impart – what is important is how much is remembered.

No matter what your personal circumstances or career path, global speaker Sylvia Marina can help you gain more confidence and improve your life and business.

Sylvia Marina: Internationally acclaimed leader in health & spirituality, 30 years in business & education, over 5,000 students in 
123 countries and multiple awards - Sylvia engages audiences weaving her  knowledge of what makes life and relationships successful. 
Sylvia divides her business life between event speaking, international workshops and private clients - her professional background includes Behavioural Science, Orthomolecular Medicine,  Specialist Kinesiology, Wholistic Business Management and 19 complementary modalities. 
Students and private clients come to me because their path between the familiar and the new is not clearly defined. 
My passion is to help you define and develop your future.