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Sunday, November 07, 2010



Written by Sylvia Marina, Master Trainer & Personal Development Mentor

Why does it seem so much easier to express love for others than it does to express it for ourselves?


For many, our culture has taught us to be humble, and to not think too much of ourselves. The notion of loving who we are reeks a bit like conceit. Are we confused about what that means?  Does being humble and not thinking too much of ourselves translate into silently beating ourselves up for what we haven't done, or for what we're not?


We have the power and now we have the opportunity to stop the negative self talk, erase the negative bits of what others think you should be and immediately replace with thoughts that are good for us !


Stop wallowing in what's happened to you. Use the past as a step up to who you have the capabilities of becoming.


Rip-off the mask of perfection that we have been pressured into wearing! It's imperative that we ignore negative and impossible messages we're inundated with from childhood, school days and the media and replace them with ones that allow us to authentically enjoy who we are and where we are in our lives.


Use the experience and the learning from the past to help others, make a difference and create change. From your experiences, learn how to overcome low self-esteem, as well as the negative beliefs and playing small, to have more confidence and to really go for what you want in life.
I learned about having compassion for others to know that we all have painful experiences that shape who we are today; we all have fears and things holding us back, but these don't need to continue to hold us back.


No quality is more attractive than having a deep sense of being at ease with yourself and the world. This is your life purpose.


When we have a deep sense of being at ease with our-self and the world, it is then that we begin to affect people. We become an inspiration in the lives of others. It is then you begin to feel the joy of being at peace, and making a difference.


It is essential to think well of ourselves ‘I value, trust and enjoy who I am’. When we are strong on the inside we have what it takes to find the solutions, and take the step forward.


It is necessary to pause long enough to listen to what's going on in our heads. We need to identify what to change before we can make the shift, and then, we have to pause.

The tricky part is that this internal chatter has been going on for so long it's become part of us; we don't even notice or question it anymore. But it's there, these thoughts don't just float out into the air. Everything you say to yourself gets imprinted on your subconscious and cellular memory subsequently affects your self-concept.  What you say to yourself matters.


For reasons I have been writing about is why we present self mastery programs. Many feel they need to be at almost guru status to attend our Mastery programs. Not so!
Our Mastery programs give you the skills to overcome self defeating programs, you learn how to release self doubt, guilt and fear so that you can make the shift, stop being what others want you to be, step into your power and discover your authentic self.

Sylvia Marina ND Master Trainer & Personal Development Mentor 
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Managing Anger Can Be Challenging Pdf

Written by Sylvia Marina, Master Trainer and Personal Development Mentor.


Managing anger can be very challenging for people who find the society they are choosing to live in, frustrating.

When people state either silently to themselves or during confidential conversation that they have problems with impatience and frequently find themselves losing their temper with others, it is time to seek professional help.

Overly defensive people see threats just about everywhere. Excessive anxiety and stress activates the sympathetic nervous system. The excessive stimulation activates a ‘learned reaction’ that loved ones, family, friends and work colleagues often wonder if there is a way to unlearn this destructive aggression.


All learnt reaction can be un-learnt.


It simply necessitates identifying the time(s) when the pattern of behaviour began and change the behaviour at that level. The memory is sometimes stored in the cellular memory and often traced to genetic roots, from generations old. It is interesting to note the many times I have discovered that aggressive behaviour is linked to both ancestral (maternal and paternal) DNA.


“Harness the power of your inner mind to re-program aggressive reactions!”

People who experience aggressive outbursts are actually searching for understanding, love and kindness and yet in part, their life is in famine, they fear loneliness and that’s the very thing that happens to them because people want to protect themselves from aggression and create a distance (put a wall around their-self) for protection.

Now we have the aggressor with their wall (aggressive reaction) plus loved ones, family, friends and work colleagues with an emotional barrier of protection and the aggressor is forced into a difficult place that is hard to climb out of. It’s lonely! The aggressor reacts even more!


The aggressor needs help to dissociate and develop an automatic response to react differently to events that formerly caused them to say/do things that they later regretted AND the people, loved ones, family, friends and work colleagues, requiring new trust skills so that they can take down their wall of reaction/protection too.


Life has choices! If it is time to diminish excessive reactivity we can help.

If you are the witness or the aggressor, antagonist or protagonist, we can help understand what is happening. You will be able to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological issues that cause anger so you’ll be able to live your life without the fear of losing control.


Excessive thinking about a negative future state will cause You to be unhappy with life.
This can affect relationships, sleep patterns, health, and even your ability to function in your work environment.


When a person begins to understand what is internally happening and gain an ability to let go of intruding, illogical thoughts and behaviour, their focus will move from negative thoughts, fears and reactions to thoughtful, constructive, optimistic thinking. When thinking is in order, words and actions become positive and life for all takes on a new energy, a considerate energy of kindness and harmony!


If you truly want to change your world my friend, you must change your thinking; often the source of that thinking is well below the surface.

Our motto ‘Helping People Through Times Of Change’. Our consultations and  programs are designed to give you the skills to change your world, to a world of love, understanding, kindness, harmony and as you learn, understand and weave your own new tapestry of life you realise every positive action is another step on the ‘self mastery’ journey.

Sylvia Marina, Master Trainer and Personal Development Mentor.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Written by Sylvia Marina

Your conscious mind is your daily operating system, the rational, reasoning level. All the chatter and conscious thoughts that goes on day in, day out, form part of your conscious mind.

On the other hand, your sub-conscious mind is the control centre of all your involuntary body functions (heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, etc.). It is also the collection of memories of everything that you have ever experienced in your life.
It is the collection of thoughts, beliefs and convictions you have ever formed, based upon those experiences. Actually it is more than just a collection. Your subconscious mind is also the frame of reference for making decisions now and in the future.
Generally, you base your actions on the beliefs you hold, and on all you have experienced.


An example: As a young child you learnt to tie a bow behind your back. Once learnt you knew you could do it and the bow would stay tied until you wanted to untie it.
If at some time you injure your shoulder and you cannot reach, or it is physically painful to tie a bow behind your back it is possible to make a decision that you cannot tie a bow behind your back even though the shoulder injury has now healed. You can hold this point of reference, belief, in your subconscious mind and thereby measure  every ‘behind your back’ experience as being impossible or painful.


Several years ago, working with a middle aged client who had a history of driver imposed dents in the back of the car. Using specialised kinesiology techniques in an age recession session, we identified a time identical to the above example. In session the words were ‘I can’t see what’s happening behind me’  then ‘I can’t do it’... ‘I need a point of reference’.

Every time, my client bumped the back of the car it was a point of reference.


We cleared the emotion. Reset the long held belief from a negative assertion to a positive statement and followed this session with an affirming statement and a ‘give me a call if you feel you need another appointment’.  I never heard from the client.
Several years later my client saw me at an expo and waited in a long queue to speak with me and to let me know that, that one session positively changed their life. Their courage increased on so many levels. The most significant change was the fear of being followed. We didn’t work on that fear but in working on the physical happening and clearing the emotional issue by accessing different ages of life associated to the issue and clearing the irrational memories; many other parts of life changed too.


It is the process of accessing the thought that contributes to you feeling negative, then getting that thought OUT of your subconscious mind INTO your conscious mind, and then looking at it from an observer stand-point. The very fact of bringing your subconscious programme into your conscious awareness gives you back control, instead of letting you be the victim of your feelings.


The self mastery programs http://sylviamarina.com/Programs/MasteryProgramsAndRetreats.htm
that we present are all designed to give you back the control of your life rather than your long held beliefs anchoring you to references that are no longer appropriate for now or into your future.

Sylvia Marina, Personal Development Mentor 

Sylvia Marina ND
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Monday, September 27, 2010



Written by Sylvia Marina, Personal Development Mentor.

Do you have negative conversations with your Self?
Do you remind yourself on a regular basis all the reasons why you can't?
Do you put your Self down and compare your Self to others? 

If you treated someone else that way, how fulfilling would that relationship would be? 

An inner fear of intimacy is at the heart of co-dependency. 
You have heard me speak of our desire for you to know self mastery – it’s a transformational process of having mastery over limitations that control your life.

You have a fear of intimacy because you fear abandonment, betrayal, and rejection. 
We have these fears because we were wounded in early childhood - we experienced feeling emotionally abandoned, rejected, and betrayed by our parents because ‘they’ were wounded. 
If ‘they’ did not have a healthy relationship with their self, if ‘they’ felt misunderstood, abandoned or betrayed then their behaviour formed the basis for us to feel unworthy and un-love-able!

When we exited the warm nurturing cocoon of our incubator into the world of authority (anyone bigger than us), parents, siblings and authoritive personnel who had the early childhood responsibility of caring for us – these were the people we ‘trusted and loved’ the most, and through our infant mind interpreted their thoughts and attitudes, which ultimately hurt us the most.

An inner fear of intimacy is a direct result of early childhood experiences. 
Our lives have been lived ‘in reaction’ to the intellectual paradigms our egos adapted to deal with emotional trauma.

If you have ever wondered why it is so much easier to feel spiritual in relationship to nature or animals, here is your answer.  It was people who wounded you in childhood. This wounded-ness came from your interpretation of what was truly happening. You see the secret blessing for the authority (anyone bigger than us), was to see ‘you’ the child become perfect. If you failed to meet their expectation you watched and felt their reaction, frustration, anger, shame, plus their fear of ‘what others may think!’

Your self-image developed defences to protect you...from intimacy.

When we distance our-self we are less likely to get-it-wrong and thus not be misunderstood or hurt.

That’s why many are choosing to be financially secure before committing to intimate relationships or creating a family – they are distancing themselves from intimacy in an attempt to distance their self from more hurt and misunderstanding.

Money can’t buy love! Even though making more money is awesome and necessary in the society we are choosing to live in, the people who are attracted to our work want something much more valuable than money! 

They yearn to know how to ‘let go’ of struggle, fear and inner turmoil and embrace love, intimacy and purpose.

When you decide to create a loving relationship with your Self we are here to help you take conscious steps, to make it happen.

Sylvia Marina, Personal Development Mentor 

Sylvia Marina ND
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Monday, September 13, 2010

CHANGE IS TRANSFORMATIONAL written by Sylvia Marina, Personal Development Mentor

Whether you resist it or not, change is inevitable.

We are aware that nature has her own timing and we have the opportunity to learn from her - observing her changes.
When we resist change we create stagnation; relationships become unfulfilling, we slowly by degree get unhealthy and our dreams and desires become dimmed and unachievable!

This morning I had breakfast with a long-time friend at our favourite local café.

Our conversation was mostly about change and I listened to my voice explaining to my friend, ‘at school we were taught the lesson that prepares us for the test. In life we are given the test that teaches us the lesson!’

As I drove home from our time together I was aware of my thoughts. Thoughts of times when I had procrastinated declaring I didn’t know what to do. That way of thinking was definitely untruth! Understand, I know I have always known the meaning and purpose for my life. The question was not ‘what to do’ but ‘how to do it’.

When we take responsibility, listen to our intuition, inner knowing, divine intelligence (whichever is your language of self love and knowing), when we become an explorer our wisdom leads us to our path of purpose. Your intuition and divine wisdom from your greater spirit energy has access to what is possible and achievable.

Meditate on what you want!

Ask the greater wisdom, the divine wisdom of the universe to show you recognisable signs that will help you take appropriate action and move forward. Even the seemingly impossible can be possible  when you are willing to ask and listen.

Where in your body are you feeling heard? In seeking answers learn how to recognise the value of the ‘gut feeling’ a knowing ‘this is what I need to respond to, now!’

There are times when I am in awe of the incredible power of wisdom speaking.
Our natural intelligences are powerful forces, that when listened and responded we realise our wisdom energy has already prepared us for the next transformational experience.

You need courage and belief in yourself to alter your life. Many people talk. They talk about wanting to take the plunge and change their lives, however they allow fear and indecision to stop them. When you hear yourself making excuses you know that fear and indecision is active in your life process, this hinders the transformational process and leads to more suffering, sadness, sorrow and feelings of being unloved, un-loveable, deep loneliness and disappointed.

We overcome our greatest obstacle when we have the courage to unleash our inner power.
It is then that you begin to make the significant difference in your life. This powerful change flows on positively influencing the lives of those around you.

Sylvia is dedicated to unlocking your transformational potential.  
Contact, Master Trainer and Mentor, Sylvia Marina change@sylviamarina.com  Helping you through times of change.
Sylvia Marina ND
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Sunday, August 22, 2010


written by Sylvia Marina, Personal Development Mentor.

Have you ever known the experience of the most ideal situation of a relaxed state of happiness, being shattered by an unpleasant incident or announcement?
A swing from happy to sad, freedom to confined, free expression to questioning, idyllic to uncomfortable!

What happens in those times?

Energy contrast.

Last week at our five day Self Mastery retreat we learnt how to stay fully awake and relax into the alpha, theta, delta brainwave patterns.

There were many times when we burst into the beta brainwave pattern, discussing points of interest, seeking clarification on the work we were engaging and moments of spontaneities, laughter, quick wittedness and the many discussions involved in savouring the fabulous food and times of life.

I was not alone in fancying another two or three days in the tranquillity and relaxation of the retreat dwelling, landscape and scenery.

Australia held their national elections on Saturday to determine which political party would govern the country for the next three years. Returning from our five day Self Mastery retreat it seemed that every cell of my body wished we had cast our votes prior to the retreat. I’ll tell you why!

Have you ever known the joy of your cells smiling?

As we drove back to city life I was aware that every cell of my body and remembering had been touched by the influence of being reconnected to its deep inner joy and satisfaction.

Learning how to open the pathways from the constant doing and repeating of destructive behaviours and the rush of life; connecting to and awakening the knowledge of what actually happens within you that contributes to stress and patterns of behaviour that adds burden to your personal, business and social relationships. And in that learning we moved energy from the racing and fast pace of life (beta brainwave patterns) to the gentle wisdom energy of the theta and delta brainwave patterns. 

Beta: alert, analytical, methodical, questioning, debating, speechmaking
Alpha: relaxing, considering, reflecting, creating

Theta: creative, daydreaming, relaxed, meditative, access to cellular memory
Delta: dreamtime, ideal meditation state, access to stored behaviour patterns, behavioural change, rejuvenation
Deep Delta: dreamless sleep, cellular repair, restitution, rejuvenation

It is my personal experience that knowledge of brainwave states enhances a person's ability to make use of the specialized characteristics of those states: these include being mentally productive across a wide range of activities, such as being intensely focused, relaxed, creative and in restful sleep.

In going to the voting booth, I was clear on what I didn’t want. I had a picture of the ideal. What was on offer was not available in any one faction. What to do, how to carefully place my vote, to be a thoughtful contributor to this nations future! 

As I stood in line waiting for my opportunity to cast my vote I was aware of my responsibility. My responsible vote would make a difference. I went to my quiet place aware that it was in the beta brainwave pattern that my pen would mark the ballot paper. Every part of me was carefully considering, I wanted to be back in the tranquillity of the retreat. I took a deep breath, reflected on the week that was and now to the moment of decision and with a quiet prayer for sense and sensibility for the incoming people to govern this country – I went to my quiet place and cast my vote.

Has our time at the self Mastery retreat been wasted by this change of energy? No!
We return to day-to-day life with new skills that we can use for lifetimes of living and healing.

Wisdom is a gift.

Rather than having huge energy swings between the delta and beta, learn how to live more of each day across the four brainwave patterns of beta, alpha, theta and delta and you will find your decisions and life patterns are more conducive to better health, relationships, career and productivity.

Sylvia Marina ND
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Monday, August 09, 2010


written by Sylvia Marina, Personal Development Mentor. 

Last week my client, described her partner as being a ‘workaholic’. The words lingered … sixteen hours a day with work and ‘must do’ personal tasks. Too tired or overwhelmed to consider scheduling or planning an impromptu date and when she initiates going out to dinner or meeting for lunch he is constantly checking his electronic message device!

Are you described by others as a workaholic?

Do you have a schedule that overfills your day with work and "must do" personal tasks?

Does life ever feel as though something is missing?
Is it time to take a break, review your busy life and reflect on how well your personal needs and wants are being met?
Are your financial wants realistic?
Do you feel satisfied with your friendships and social supports?
Are you trying so hard to do everything right (the way you were taught), but are just, ‘not happy’? Do you look at other’s relationships and wonder why it just ‘doesn’t happenfor you?


Through times of striving, some chunks of life can be too full.


Where there is success in business and career financial security results; but for many, other pieces of life are empty, intimacy, companionship, family connectedness, joy, happiness; money can’t buy these!


Is there space in your life for…
Thinking bigger?

Understanding the purpose and meaning of your life?
Having more fulfilling relationships?
Better health?


Is there room in your life for intimacy, love and spontaneity?


Learning first to love and appreciate yourself is the first step to joy and happiness. Regrettably many measure their love on what they give and do. I say regrettably because if the gift is overlooked or taken for granted the giver feels rejected.


Learn how to appreciate you.
I encourage you to learn how to go to your quiet place of calmness, it is the first step on your path to self mastery.
How easy is it for you to be in the quiet, with you, to listen to your own even pace, breath and in that stillness appreciate your own being-ness?


How does one get to quiet? The sixty seconds before you drop into sleep? Is not enough!
Neither are specific dedicated hours each day necessary. I go to the quiet place every day sometimes for two or three minutes, sometimes twenty or more minutes. Today we took our lunch and little dog and sat by the river watching nature. While my partner David walked our little dog I stayed in ‘the quiet bliss’.

Quiet time is essential for stabilizing your emotional intelligences, it provides harmony to your

mind and wisdom to your thoughts – important steps on the path to self mastery.


If dating, picnic’s, home meals and long evenings together seem an unproductive use of time, when could your real ‘quiet time’ be.


Last month a corporate trainer friend Colin Pearce wrote to me, he asked… “I often wondered, do you ever talk about the efficacy of prayer?”

From my personal experience, years of experience with cancer patients and miracles that I’ve been privy to, I could someday write on the efficacy of prayer, until then I do know the value of connecting to the quiet place and in that place breathing in, breathing in the moment, breathing in this moment of gratitude.
The more we connect to the quiet place the more harmony we bring into our personal, family and professional life.

This is an important step on the path to knowing more about yourself, your patience, love and compassion – important acknowledgements as we learn more about ‘self mastery’.


Sylvia designs and delivers self mastery personal growth and development programs, empowering people to accelerate their evolutionary process, gently and naturally. 
We invite you to join us at our next Self Mastery program.

Sylvia Marina ND
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Sunday, July 25, 2010


written by Sylvia Marina, Personal Development Mentor.

It’s easy to fantasize about what we want, the precarious part is moving from fantasy to reality!
Endless hours can be spent
scanning your psychology for fears, justifying why we are doing what we are doing, working where we are working, the unfulfilling job and environment, explaining often to yourself why you are living with whom you habitually squabble, it’s easy to justify failure, especially when you haven’t yet totally stepped into that which you truly wish to become?

What stops people from being what they truly wish to become? Fear!

Fear of success
Fear of failure
Fear of what others may think or say if you fail or succeed

Ignored fears grow like fungus, eventually taking over our entire lives. I have just had an hour with a magnificent young lady who has a brilliant impending ability to shape the lives of teenage women. Getting started is what stops her. I can see her magnificence. It is not her fear of failure that is holding her in a tentative state, the fear of success is her saboteur.

It is easy to create excuses, easy to find people to wallow with in failure, people who will give you  good reasons not to succeed. But when you goal is for success, you’d better have you telescope focused on
your dreams, values and expanding capabilities.

How does one measure success? 

In his book titled ‘the measure of a man’. Sidney Poitier gives examples of disappointment and success. I enjoyed his life story and today recall so many times he directed this truth...  be true to yourself. Sidney’s father was his life mentor.

The role of a holistic mentor is to keep you on track in terms of always ‘being true to yourself’.

Early in my life I figured out what my life’s reason was about and set about doing it. It hasn’t always been an easy path but it is my purpose, it is this choice that gives me the opportunities to become the person I have the capacity to be.

I have had and continue to have outstanding mentors in my life. I say ‘have had’ because some have physically left this world, their influence however, continues to inspire. People who walk their talk, who became who they had the capacity to be and then became a teacher and mentor to me.

I too have known people who had the capacity to be more but lacked courage. These lives have motivated me to be a person of courage and through being all I can be inspire others through their ‘times of change’ and tentativeness to become all they can be...and then some!

Without mentors who would I have been? I have no answer to that question, ‘I became’ because of those great teachers whose wisdom I sought.

Sylvia Marina ND
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Sunday, July 11, 2010


ARE YOU ADDICTED TO SUFFERING?    Written by Sylvia Marina, Personal Development Mentor.

Do you carry scripts that hold you prisoner to ineffectual behaviours?  Are you addicted to suffering?  You may not realize that it's an addiction. You might think that a lot of problems keep being dumped upon you.

This week I recalled a client who was confined to a wheelchair even though she had no medical reason why she could not walk. After five weekly sessions (using a combination of professional kinesiology and emotional freedom techniques), the lady was walking freely with the aid of a walking stick. She cancelled her next appointment, and the following week came back in her wheel chair. In tears she thanked me for the wonderful work. In her words in her heart she knew she could walk BUT when she was in the wheelchair she had constant attention from her family. When she began to be independent she lost the intimate attention of her adult family.

Addicted to suffering she chose a life of total dependence. 
Story (page 39) in my book ‘In Love With Life’. Available from our office.

Why is it that some people don’t fully heal? For many it is because they are addicted to suffering.

It is important to distinguish between pain and suffering.

You may have illness and relationship challenges, you may have physical pain and then, there is suffering. Pain signalizes an injury or an imbalance in our system. Suffering is created by attitudes of the mind. Suffering is a fixation on the pain, an attitude of ignorance or an attempt to find an identity. An addiction to suffering prevents healing from taking place.

Are you addicted to suffering? Some people are! You may not realize that it's an addiction. You might think that a lot of problems have been dumped upon you; do you think or speak words like, ‘Why do these things happen to me?’ or ‘How long must I endure this?’ or ‘Why me?’ or ‘When will they go away?’

Do you sit back and wait for invitations or for something to happen?
Do you get offended easily? Do you think people don’t like you? Do you feel unworthy?

Have you ever thought that maybe your thoughts have compounded your problems ten or twenty times?  What if you could alleviate your pain, transform your suffering?

Is it time to transform your mind? At any moment you can choose to feel good. The mind has tremendous power. If you can make a decision to watch your thoughts as an impartial observer and transform them in the moment, you can move your life into a new era in your life.

The belief that enlightenment comes through suffering has been around for centuries.  Buddha and many others have tried it, and discovered that it did not work.  Focusing attention on fear or experiencing more fear just gives the fear more energy and makes it more real.  It is the building up of our health, not the tearing it down or destroying it that makes it possible for us to move into enlightenment which is self-actualization.
Some people seem to believe that if we do not understand something that it must be extremely difficult.  That is not the case. 

My client in the wheelchair, she had power and she had choices – she was not willing to give up her addiction to suffering and the inner pleasure of being a manipulator. Her daughters began to resent her manipulative ways and her devoted husband became less tolerant. The attention she craved eventually isolated her and she became a prisoner of her addiction.

You have power and you have choices! You have the power to shift your thinking from darkness into light or in other words from darkness into enlightenment which is self-actualisation.

Self-actualization is a result of releasing enough stress or in other words, chipping away the part that is not you or your true nature, so that you are able to become aware of who you really are, and your connection with everything in existence and beyond. The self-actualized person still functions in the world much the same as before, but with a totally different understanding of how life works, and a realization that you are living in harmony with nature and with its full support.

We provide self mastery personal growth and development programs, empowering people to accelerate their evolutionary process, gently and naturally.  We invite you to join us at our next self Mastery program . For more information, click on the following link and it will take you directly to the Self Mastery program on our website: www.sylviamarina.com/Programs/SelfMastery5Day.htm

Sylvia Marina ND
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Friday, July 09, 2010


...  written by Sylvia Marina ND, Personal Development Mentor.

The human body can last weeks without food, but only days without water. Water forms the basis of blood, digestive juices, urine, perspiration and is vital for all your body systems, plus your organs, muscle, bones.

We need fresh supplies of water every day to make up for losses from lungs, skin, urine and faeces. The amount we need depends on our metabolism, the weather, the environment we live and work in, the foods we eat and our activity levels.

During summer we are conscious of the need to drink adequate water, but do you know that many of the winter ills can be avoided if you consciously take note of the amount of clean water you drink in each twenty four hour period. When I was studying naturopathy we were taught that the daily requirement of water for a healthy body was one litre of water for every twenty five kilogram of body weight. If you are on medication or have health related issues, seek advice from your health practitioner.

The body requires water to:

  • Maintain the health and integrity of every cell in the body
  • Keep the bloodstream liquid enough to flow through blood vessels
  • For all mental processes
  • Help eliminate the bi-products of the body’s metabolism
  • Regulate body temperature through sweating
  • Keep mucous membranes moist, such as those of the lungs and mouth
  • Reduce the risk of cystitis by keeping the bladder clear of bacteria
  • Aid digestion and prevent constipation
  • Lubricate and cushion joints
  • Serve as a shock absorber inside the eyes, spinal cord and in the amniotic sac surrounding the foetus in pregnancy
  • Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
  • Work as a moisturiser to improve the skin’s texture and appearance

Plain water for many people is not attractive. Consider drinking non caffeine weak herbal tea. Harvest mint from your garden, lightly crush with your fingers and steep in hot water, this may be consumed hot of cool. Grow lemon grass for tea making. Grate or chop fresh ginger and steep in hot water, this too is helpful for digestion.

Fluid retention
Many people believe that drinking water causes fluid retention. In fact, the opposite is true. Drinking water helps the body rid itself of excess sodium, which results in less fluid retention. The body will retain fluid if there is too little water in the cells. If the body receives enough water on a regular basis, there will be no need for it to conserve water and this will reduce fluid retention.

Water is vital in all of creation and new life. Love your body, nurture it with water.

Sylvia Marina ND
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