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Sylvia Marina - Saturday, September 24, 2011

written by Sylvia Marina ©

In the past therapists and good meaning friends have accused people of ‘blocking out’ or god forbid...denial!, of certain events that influenced a life. Influences that you may have no conscious recall of having or being involved in – I suggest many influences were imprinted into our DNA, our genetic history. What if, those influences impacted our lives and led to a shut-down of insulted, injured or emotionally shocked/toxic organs or systems in the body and as if that part of us had been surgically removed another system surrogated for the block-out thus emotionally separating that organ, system or life-form.

In my thirty years of professional healthcare experience, one major reason people are still searching for their life path is that they misinterpret their longings and desires – the truth is, in our unfettered knowing, we each know our life purpose. While we have parts of our self that are still ‘separate’ we keep searching. We yearn to belong...but feel empty and unfulfilled.

Multi-dimensional healthcare researchers have increasing evidence of the effects of delayed trauma on the wellbeing of certain patients. For example; a significant number of severe burns/shock cases have within a five to seven year period of their accident, developed serious illnesses. The burns heal, the shock and scars remain.

When residue remains from emotional shock and/or prolonged trauma, as a pathway forward many put up a brave face, a mask, hoping life and the body will sort itself out. 

Until we remove the masks that hide the multi-dimensional aspects of the self, a part of you will still be unfulfilled, dissatisfied and yearning.

You recognise that you are unfulfilled when you notice you consciously or unconsciously flit in pursuit of one idea to another when, to simply reconcile the past, embrace the present and welcome each tomorrow as a treasured friend that you have known for a very long time; is to then you begin to truly live in a space of sweet inner harmony.

Harmony is what you seek

Working with multi faceted diseases of the body ie cancer, rheumatoid arthritis ...contributing factors include environment, emotional, nutritional, ritual, habit, lifestyle and lifestyle expectations, work/life stress...the list is perhaps endless!

Genetically most people are predisposed to certain diseases and dysfunctions. These lie dormant till a trigger is activated. I mentioned burns victims, the shock of the event and the resulting stress and for many a sudden change of life and lifestyle is the trigger which manifests itself some five to seven years later in serious illness, cancer.

Identifying and defusing stored negative emotions means a trigger has nothing to activate.


However, expressing feelings is not something that most of us have ever been taught to do in any skilful way. In the hands of a skilled practitioner it is easy to express feelings and in so doing release triggers for disease. It can help boost feelings of self-worth and enhance relationships at work and home.


To fully embrace healthcare is to wholistically embrace the many parts and aspects of our known and unknown. If you are still questioning your reason or life purpose, then there are parts that make up the total of who you are that you have not yet identified and fully embraced.


At the age of fourteen, Jenny (not her real name) had a ‘life change’ shock that rocked her world.
Her father whom she adored, suddenly left the family home for another relationship. Along with that relationship was a ready-made family which included a ‘fourteen year old daughter’.
Father was infatuated with his new love and family and dote his time, money and attention to them. Jenny supported her Mum by putting on a brave face!


I was presenting a program for cancer patients when I met Jenny, she was nineteen years of age and three months into her medical treatment. After the five day retreat Jenny decided to book a follow-up kinesiology session with me, incorporating the specific specialised technique of theta & delta brain pattern energy.

Jenny had four sessions over three months plus used our specific ‘Keys to Clearing Theta & Delta’ CD twice a day.

Additionally she deleted foods that were likely to have a negative effect on her system.
Personally prepared and ate specific foods to support her immune system.
Gentle exercise, mild sunlight, adequate sleep, music, flower essences.
Ten years later Jenny continues her wellness regime which includes a specialised kinesiology session every six months.

Jenny experienced a ‘life changing’ event that sent her world into a spin and with it she lost her sense of ‘belonging’, the fourteen years of being ‘favourite girl’ was now a closed chapter. She felt she couldn’t share her feeling of dark desolation with her mum because mum was ‘hurting’ too. In Jenny’s words, “she would never trust again”.

Kinesiology showed 71% of her body was ‘separate’. Only 29% wanted to live.
On the statement, I yearn to feel and express the flame of being fully alive?  Only 2% positive energy.  In the fourth session, On the statement, I yearn to feel and express the flame of being fully alive?  68% positive energy. Further sessions her body is clear, her positive energy definite and the ‘separate’ parts – nil.


This specific work changed Jenny’s life and the lives of the many who seek positive change.
© Marina, Sylvia. (2011) Hidden Dimensions & Influences That Impact Our Lives. AKA National Conference Journal

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Sylvia Marina is a Professional Intuitive and Spiritual Educator. She specialises in helping people heal emotional struggles, blocks, and fears. She has developed a series of programs to enhance Intuitive Awareness as well as products to uplift your energy and vibration.
An experienced teacher and personal development mentor, her natural abilities are supported by her professional background in health and behavioural sciences and thirty year career as a professional kinesiology teacher and practitioner.  Living in Perth, West Australia she runs her own private practice and mentor program and travels nationally and internationally to speak at events, present Creative Self Mastery programs empowering people through times of change.

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