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Sylvia Marina - Sunday, June 10, 2012

NAVIGATING CHANGE written by Sylvia Marina

How we conduct our lives when times are ‘smooth sailing’ is usually quite different than in times of challenge.

Sometimes in words, sometimes in tears, people tell me that life is hard. They express feelings of insecurity, difficulty, sleepless nights, gut-wrenching times when finances, emotions, health issues and uncertainty overwhelm and these feelings become thoughts which overpower any possible sense of calmness or serenity.
I understand – through childhood and through my years as a solo supporting mother, there were times for me when emotionally life felt like shifting sand beneath my feet, and it was difficult to find stable ground.

I now know the truth about change, any change, positive or negative. Change is only as difficult as we make it. Reality, in one form or another will always be there, how we handle it is all about perceptions and reaction to the perceived threat to the life we desire.

How we handle change and the challenges that come with it are the true reflection of a person’s character. During the good periods there is joyfulness, high spiritedness, celebration – everything is going your way! However, for most people, when challenges hit, they shift. Why?

As human beings we are wired for survival. In the hierarchy of life after our baseline needs of air, water, food, sleep... comes belonging, love, security, intimacy, acceptance – if these are perceived to be threatened, we go into survival mode.

“The sacred can be found every day, when we seek it.” ~ Sylvia Marina

If within your cellular memory there was a congruency a harmonizing you would have the capacity to buoy yourself for example you might feel a bit overwhelm for a few seconds, but bop upright again, breathe and refocus.  

When I found that harmonizing memory, I found stable ground.

“Too many days are spent comparing and wishing we are something we aren’t. Everyone has their own strengths and challenges, it is only when you recognise and accept everything you are and aren’t that you will find happiness.”

We are living in profound, fast moving change and challenge, it is important to be aware of how we are reacting. Are you reacting in an overwrought capacity or responding to the pressure of challenge from a space of inner congruency?

Don’t rush in or race on without clarity, pause knowing you may not sense the full picture, but just know the next step is the right step.


  1. Go outside, yes even if it is too hot or very cold. A highly effective way of bringing reality into a better sense of ‘how to manage’ is to get outdoors. Breathe in fresh air, as you breathe out allow your breath to release the excessive feelings of overwhelm, and now...imagine breathing in harmony and send that breath to the space where overwhelm resided. Your sense and remembering will work better because with more oxygen it is less constricted.

  2. Imagine in your hand is a cup of the most refreshing tea you have ever had – mine is made with fresh ginger it soothes the emotions held in the stomach. Until you can get one, imagine sipping it slowly whilst whispering deep into your space of remembering
    ‘ I am grateful for this change and the new opportunity it is presenting in my life today.’ This will shift your focus and energy.
  3. Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine you are negotiating a bend in the road, don’t speed up, too many people crash when they exceed a manageable speed, take the bend with gentleness and grace. The bend is the change you seek.

  4. Everyday recognise a way to release more endorphins... the fragrance of a flower, the joy of being in the company of cheerful friends, a healthy laugh that stimulates your senses and wakens latent memory. When you are in a positive mental state more opportunity comes to you than when you are in disarray.

Our past and present is our schoolroom – some lessons we accept just as they are, whilst lessons like algebra I never did understand and I still managed to negotiate life whilst other lessons need time and thought to understand... a ginger tea, quiet space and when life is truly topsy-turvy... remember the song says... a little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down, together let me help you look for the sweetness of life.

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